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Originally from France, Canada and Belgium, our senior consultants based in Bangalore (India) and Aix-en-Provence (France) offer customized advice, economic and competitive intelligence as well as value added solutions for your export or sourcing projects.

Our specialty: the Indian Subcontinent

As much as it is promising, the Indian subcontinent is also very complex. Nothing could be more beneficial than the backing of strong “local” expertise to help you grow your business here.

Our featured sectors

Be it organizing and running an initial exploratory program on site, acquiring a local company or setting up your distribution network and developing your marketing plan, our consultants are there to help you successfully enter the Indian subcontinent market.

Latest blog posts

Part 2 of our two-part series, which highlights some of the more significant changes to India’s Defence Procurement Policy (2016), and seeks to identify clauses of particular interest to foreign OEMs, who are interested in taking advantage of opportunities presented by India’s rapidly modernising defence sector.

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India released a long-awaited, modified Defence Procurement Policy (DPP) in 2016 which includes several new measures that are likely to improve the ease of doing business here. The document outlines a roadmap for how India will go about acquiring new defence equipment, with a promise to review it on an ongoing basis.

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India’s burgeoning progress has meant that the country today is the world’s third largest producer of carbon emissions. Recognising its need for clean growth, the country in the last decade has made renewable energy generation a key priority.

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