Namaste! It has been more than six years in India for some of us here at Arsha Consulting. It has been a period where we have gained an incomparable wealth of local experience. Against this background it gives us today immense pleasure to launch the Arsha Blog, which will allow us to share our enthusiasm for this extraordinary region with you and we hope it will help you do and grow your business here.

Well if you are reading this, you surely must be already considering or perhaps moved a step ahead and are even exploring how to enter the huge market that India and its neighbouring countries offer; or perhaps you are searching for a business partner to grow your trade transactions (exports and imports) with this rapidly growing region that boasts a population of more than 1.7 billion.

Are you still hesitating a little about working with this part of the world? Do not worry – India does scare a lot of people. Often misunderstood or burdened by clichés that have come into being from bad experiences of people who were ill-prepared to face it, India is actually a generous country offering huge opportunities. Prerequisite: you must approach it with prudence and intelligence.

Confronted daily with the energy and contradictions which make this country unique, our work is to address your needs and meet your requirements in a personalized way and provide you with strategic information that you need to take the right decisions. Our mission: save you time and money in your efforts to expand your business to the Indian subcontinent. It is a market for which you can use all the superlatives you can think of, the same superlatives that have kindled and forged our passion for this region.

This post is but only the first of a series, which we are sure, will sustain your interest and strengthen your desire to work with us at Arsha Consulting.

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