Let’s not hide the reality: sourcing in developing countries is always a challenge, and sourcing in India is no exception. It could even be more complex because India does not have the best reputation in terms of quality and reliability, especially when we talk about respecting deadlines. With some humour, they call their IST time zone, for India Standard Time, the Indian Stretchable Time.

Made In India

Nevertheless, with the size of the economy, its fast growing population and the “Make in India” policy of Prime Minister Modi gradually taking shape, sourcing in India is not an option anymore, it should be considered seriously as an alternative to China.


The Sourcing Division of Arsha Consulting is there to help Western trading houses, distributors and enterprises to source in India and, since last year, our team has developed a unique in-depth expertise in a series of sectors. To share some of this knowledge, the Website EquipmentMadeInIndia.com was launched a few months ago by Arsha Consulting.

EquipmentMadeInIndia.com presents a range of products made in India for which the Arsha team has identified and verified reliable manufacturers in four categories: safety equipment, typically work-wear and standard equipment like helmets, gloves, reflective jackets and safety shoes; security equipment like bullet-proof jackets and military shoes as well as metal detector and vehicle control equipment; medical equipment, from face masks to hollowware, and autoclaves to disinfectants; and finally, biohazard risks prevention equipment.

The positioning of India in these sectors is interesting. Boosted by an internal market, some manufacturers have developed flexible production capacities that allow them to be competitive with China while maintaining the same quality (even higher is some cases), while accepting lower minimum order quantities (MOQ) from their foreign clients. A very interesting move for India.

To create EquipmentMadeInIndia.com, the Sourcing Division of Arsha Consulting has selected the best manufacturers in these four sectors, visited their factories, and built a relationship with them to save time and hassle for the Western buyers. Maybe, sourcing in India is not so complicated ;-)

Renato Cudicio | CEO – Arsha Consulting


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