Arsha Consulting is proud to be a member of the OSCI since February 2015.

As explained on their website, the OSCI, Opérateurs Spécialistes du Commerce International, is the French Federation of Entrepreneurs in International Trade. It includes the Sociétés d’Accompagnement à l’International (SAI), (International Accompaniment Companies) the Sociétés de Gestion Export (SGE) (Export Management Companies) and Sociétés de Commerce International (SCI) (International Trade Companies). Specialized in their geographical zones and their business lines, they offer a wide range of International support services and products marketing.

With its parent company, the Confédération du Commerce de Gros et International (CGI), OSCI has 150 export companies and over 2,000 trading companies. It contributes more than 40 billion Euros annually.

The OSCI have an on-field expertise and a result oriented culture which make them the natural partners for businesses. They offer the support services for export within the general French framework and contribute to SMEs in their unique on-field approach to export. These operators are in a capacity to provide support, for a long term, to companies on complex industrial projects, which are located in difficult countries far from the French production areas.


As OSCI members these operators guarantee their clients a recognized professionalism evidenced by references and business ethics and affirmed by the signing of a code of ethics.

In order to support the development of its members, OSCI is actively involved in foreign trade ecosystem: it manages the labor agreement for the import-export industry, co-finances and inspires the initial training in International Business, hosts Stratexio program with the MEDEF and the Chambers of Commerce, manages the raw materials Club, promotes indirect exports, etc.

Our membership with the OSCI demonstrates our willingness to be recognized for our professionalism and the quality of our services both by the international trade professionals and by our customers to whom we aim to deliver the best of our services in the Indian context that is made easier to you thanks to the experience we have of it. Our main objective is to ensure that this action will help you focus on developing your core business in optimal conditions.

Loic Lecomte | Senior Advisor- Arsha Consulting

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