Last week Arsha Consulting was present at the 19th edition of Milipol Paris, looking to widen our range of security equipment. The biennial international security trade show covers everything security from information & communication security, civil defence, anti-terrorism, urban (public spaces) security to prison, transport, port and airport security. Our CEO, Renato Cudicio, notes that “Milipol Paris 2015 was a great opportunity to meet our partners in person – including Indian partners who we rarely travel to meet because of the sheer size of the country”.

The exhibition opened doors to decision makers, buyers, suppliers and experts in internal State security. During the four-day event, visitors met with key players in the sector from across the globe to discuss five major themes anti-terrorism, cyber-security, safe cities and major risks. The tragic events that unfolded in Paris just a few days earlier clearly added a tense atmosphere to the event; organisers placed increased security measures to optimize security at the event.

For over a year now, Arsha Consulting has worked towards sourcing quality non-offensive defence security equipment made in India. ‘‘Since we are specialized in the physical protection of individuals (with, for example, X-ray detection systems, bullet-proof vests and vehicles, explosive detection devices, or even UAV), Milipol Paris gave us the opportunity to get an excellent overview of the market and the players’’, said Renato Cudicio.

Since we are constantly looking to complete our catalogue of security products by including equipment that are difficult to source or just not being manufactured at the moment in India, Milipol Paris was on our to-do list for this year. Our CEO particularity appreciated certain North-American and European manufacturers that we were not aware of. ‘‘The security industry is very active and every year we see the arrival of new players with interesting products that can respond to the specific needs of the clients of Arsha Consulting in Africa and in Europe’’, he adds.

The exhibition also hosted a contest that challenged startups to present the most innovative cyber solution with respect to fighting crime. The winner was Drone’int, an anti-drone technology designed to detect, locate and stop drones from getting sensitive information. Milipol Paris is a highly interactive platform to discover and discuss new technologies and innovations.

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Maleva Robert | Social Media Manager- Arsha Consulting

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