Doing Business in North American markets can often be a challenge for Indian companies and the line between success and failure is very fine. Bridging cultural differences more often than not separate successful companies from the less successful ones and we’re here to prove that theory.

 In this specially designed 10-day course for Indian companies, brought to you by Arsha Consulting and the Indo-Canadian Business Chamber, held at the prestigious ESG UQÀM business school in Montréal, industry experts and cultural translators explain the do’s and don'ts of Doing Business in North America.

 In addition to the conferences and seminars, customised B2B meetings in the industry of your choice will help you expand your business development opportunities in these exciting markets.

 If you’re an Indian company aiming to expand your business in this market or a Canadian/American company based in India looking to equip your employees with the right cultural and business toolset, this programme is ideal for you!

  To request a complete brochure on the 10-day programme to be held in May 2017, email us right away at


Bhargavi Venugopal | International Project Manager

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