We caught up with Steena Joy, who has been associated with the Food and Hospitality World Expo for the last seven years. Here’s what she had to say –

What are the key trends in the hospitality sector that you’ve noticed in recent years?

The rise in kitchen equipment according to me is the biggest trend. We are seeing tremendous growth in this sector. There are lots of international hotel brands in India now and catering to them has given rise to the need for internationally stylised kitchen equipment. There are a lot of distributors and vendors in this area now.

Sustainability in hotels is a trend that continues to pick up. The rise of ‘conscious travellers’ has meant that there is a lot of effort in the hospitality industry to reduce the carbon footprint of hotels and become eco-friendly. From giving guests ‘green options’ such as reusing towels, saving water to green housekeeping products, adding eco-friendly touches in the sector continues.

The other change in the Indian scenario is the availability of health foods now. From the fanciest of hotels to restaurants travellers now find something healthy to bite on. From power breakfasts to organic and wholegrain food options; the space for health foods is growing.

Are you seeing a lot more foreign participation at the event?

Over the years, the number of countries participating at the event is increasing steadily. This year Turkey is participating with 12 companies. Other countries including Italy, Japan, France, Spain, Canada, UK, Tunisia, Singapore and Thailand will also be represented at the event.

Give us a peek at something interesting to look forward to at the event.

One of the best parts of the FHW is the Great Indian Culinary Challenge (GICC) that will complete a decade with this year’s event. The GICC competition started with participation from 70 or 80 chefs and has moved up to as many as 150 chefs from across brands such as the Marriot, Renaissance, Trident etc taking part now. They will compete in individual and group categories in different challenges pertaining to entrées, desserts etc. Chef Verhnon Coelho will be one of the judges of the event this time around. India’s top chefs like Ajay Chopra, Ranveer Brar and Kunal Kapur will be at the event.
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