On the 28 of July, Palmex, eco-friendly thatch roof solutions headquartered in Canada, completed its first corporate project in India. The client was the Greenberg Resorts located in the picturesque and pristine hills of the Western Ghats in Idukki, Kerala. A place far from the maddening crowd, lush with tea plantations, meadows, and trees, dotted with waterbodies. Its serenity could be better enjoyed with a panoramic view from a tree house. The Greenberg resort had decided to add to their 34 cottage property, a thatch roof treehouse. And Palmex was there to help.

The spot chosen for the treehouse was right across the manmade lake that welcomes one into the property. Palmex India’s expert installation team visited the location to execute the project in the last week of July. In Kerala, like many parts of India, this is the peak of the monsoon season, when the downpours are heavy and relentless. But this wasn’t as much a hurdle as it was a challenge that was successfully overcome. “Monsoons are intense and unpredictable in Kerala, and the climatic conditions for the team were not the most favourable,” recounts Hozefa Jawadwala, National Sales Manager, Palmex India. “But the challenge was overcome, the installation team continued to work despite the rain,” he adds. The team was resourceful and would start work as early as 7am to log in as many man hours as possible. The installation was done using the ‘Rio’ variant of Palmex leaves and was completed in just four days as per the commitment provided to the client. This was an apt test for Palmex which is 100% waterproof, says Jawadwala.

Synthetic thatches are a particularly great option for India’s growing hospitality sector and provide many advantages over natural thatch roofs. For one, they last really long. While natural thatches need recurring maintenance and replacement every few years, Palmex made of high density polyethylene provides a competent life expectancy of 50 years! These roofsare free from the concerns of infestation from wildlife such as birds, small mammals or insects, a common problem with natural thatch. Due to the treehouse’s location in an open, sloped area, a synthetic thatch roof made best sense saving the client the hassle of regular clean ups or daily maintenance.

For the resort, the choice of a thatch look was natural. The treehouse’s aesthetic blended in perfect harmony with its surroundings that included tall palms swaying in the beautiful landscape.

Sachin K Jose, General Manager, Greenberg, says, "Palmex leaves give a natural look to the treehouse, with its original colour and design. We hope it would be a hit among our guests who look forward to a stay in a treehouse with all the modern amenities and conveniences, but with an old thatched roof charm.

Having begun in Canada, Palmex today has found a market across 52 countries in five continents already, where it has as many as 500 projects to its credit. While India is one of its newer markets, the team’s experience in Idukki has been a great start.

You can find out more about synthetic thatch roofs at palmexindia.com

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