Canada will be one of the partner countries in the next Vibrant Gujarat Summit and has committed to showing up with the largest number of Canadian Delegates so far to India.

Canada's High Commissioner to India Nadir Patel announced his pleasure to be part of the biennial event that is to be held in January 2017. Patel made the announcement after a meeting with the chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani. As many as 300 business leaders from Canada are expected to attend the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, that will be held in the state capital of Gandhinagar. Canada participated in the last edition of the summit with as many as 200 business leaders representing companies in sectors such finance, infrastructure, energy, telecom and pharmaceuticals.

He pointed out the similar goals of business growth that the Indian state shares with Canada. "If you look at the sectors of opportunity in Gujarat, they happen to align closely with what Canada has to offer, like oil & gas, renewable energy and agriculture," he stated at the event.

Adding to its offices in India, Canada opened a trade office in Ahmedabad in Gujarat in 2006 as step to improve relations.

In the last decade in particular Canada has made concerted efforts to improve relations with India. IndoCanadian bilateral trade has doubled in the last ten years and was recorded at $5.8 billion dollars in 2013. There are as many 300 Canadian companies within India, while Indian presence in Canada with its huge diaspora is well known.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi served as the chief minister of Gujarat from 2001 until 2014. He was known for his “Gujarat model of development” that turned the state into an investment and business hub. It was under his governance that the Vibrant Gujarat Summit that was focussed on roping in investments began in 2003. The state is home to 40 Canadian companies on the ground while it has business relations with around 100 Canadian Firms. The state is well known for the large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs that it produces in India.

The Gujarati community has a global presence, even in Canada Gujaratis are among the top immigrants from India. Former Minister for citizenship, immigration and multi-culturism in Canada, Jason Kenney also credited Gujarati entrepreneurs as fuelling growth in Canada.

Canada will be a partner country at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit event for the third time. The summit will be held in January 2017 in the state capital of Gandhinagar





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