The launch event of the white paper – ‘Indian Aerospace and Defence market, Opportunities for French-speaking companies,’ was held successfully at the welcome lounge bar of Hilton Hotel, Bangalore, on Wednesday, 18th January. The event was organised by Arsha Consulting and sponsored by Embassy Office Parks and the Indo-Canadian Business Chamber (ICBC). At the event, two documents were presented: an English document about the Aerospace and Defense industry, addressed to Indian companies willing to expand through international partnerships with foreign companies; and the second, a French document, aimed at French-speaking companies from the same sector who are attracted by India’s booming defence market, which is sometimes difficult to apprehend. Many industry experts and dignitaries attended the event.

Conny Camenzind, Deputy Consul of Switzerland | François Gautier, General Consul of France | Elisa Khetty, Director – Helma International

Renato Cudicio, CEO - Arsha Consulting, in his dynamic introduction thanked and highlighted the presence of the francophone consuls: Jennifer Daubeny, General Consul of Canada; François Gautier, General Consul of France; Dominic Marcotte, Consul and Director of the Quebec bureau in Mumbai, as well as Conny Camenzind, Deputy Consul representing the General Consul of Switzerland. Each of them has also contributed to the preface of the white paper by sharing their views on the challenges of the development of the Indian aerospace industry and the opportunities for the companies from their respective countries.

Renato Cudicio, CEO – Arsha Consulting and Chairman - ICBC | Marc de Laet, CEO – CS Communication & Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Renato Cudicio proposed this white paper as a reference point for French-speaking companies who wish to explore and expand in the Indian market. “It was the right time to create this white paper which can be circulated among all our partners” he explained. Cudicio manages Arsha Consulting and is committed to serving as an interface for companies looking for competent partners outside their geographical borders. The white paper was received with much appreciation from the discerning audience.

As the evening progressed, Roméo Rameshkoumar, Aerospace Specialist at Arsha Consulting, presented his professional journey with a good sense of humour: his stints through Airbus, Safran, Thales… were a good background to know news and trends in the aerospace sector! In his brief speech, he shared the project’s origin and explained in detail the content of the white paper, which was the result of combined efforts by the team of consultants at Arsha. He further explained that the idea behind the white paper was the urge to respond to a few companies who wanted to know more and felt relevant tools were missing to them. To meet this demand, a white paper was developed with attractive visuals, concrete and precise information, practical answers, analysis, advice and testimonials from professionals and experts. He concluded saying, “We wanted to do something simple and concrete, a first tool aimed at curious partners that we could accompany.”

Roméo also stressed on three important thoughts used by professionals from French-speaking companies when doing business in India: ‘Vision, Flexibility and Long term.’ This is crucial because we cannot talk about partnerships and common success between two countries without talking about cross-cultural relationships.

To further elaborate on how important it is to not underestimate cultural facts when creating a partnership or negotiating an outsourcing contract, at the heart of the offsets concept in the aerospace sector, there was another interesting speaker. Mélanie Martinelli, the energetic and vibrant Swiss director of C2C Organizational Development, triggered the amused audience with two games which in addition to being instructive, created a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The first game was on easy mathematical calculations which suddenly turned complicated when the mathematical signs changed the meaning. Even aces in mental arithmetic were lost. This game brilliantly explained the concepts of competencies and adaptability. The second activity involved analysis of a video. The audience was asked to describe what was shown in the video, which was wrongly interpreted by most according to their own references and judgments. Fun, significant and impacting, these two simple exercises from C2C enable Arsha Consulting to underline the weight of cultural factors in the success of a partnership between two foreign companies.

This evening filled with fun and interaction created an opportunity to meet various experts and influencers from the aerospace industry - Indians, French, Canadians and Swiss.

The professionals present at the event acknowledged the initiative of Arsha Consulting [Download Aéronautique et défense en Inde] and the work done to facilitate the exchange of ideas. We hope that this first step engages other discussions, partnerships and frequent interactions between people in the aerospace and defence industry in India.

In the coming months, follow this space for more updates on the aerospace and defence industry.

In the feature photo - Renato Cudicio, CEO – Arsha Consulting and Chairman – ICBC | Dominic Marcotte, Consul and Director - Quebec Bureau in Mumbai | Jennifer Daubeny, Consul General of Canada | Conny Camenzind, Deputy Consul of Switzerland.

Amélie Weigel | Journalist – Arsha Consulting

Vidhi Pathak | SEO/SEM Specialist - Arsha Consulting

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