India has been combating terrorism since several decades and in recent years has needed to respond effectively to threats to its internal and external security, pushing its local security industry to develop a strong expertise in the manufacturing of specialised security products.

Arsha Consulting works closely with its parent company in Canada, TBC-Monde Inc., to sell and distribute a large range of non-offensive defence and protection equipment, coming mainly from India but also from around the world if the technology offered is unique, to be able to respond to the diverse security requirements of our clients in Europe and Africa.
Our portfolio includes a selection of manufacturers offering sophisticated, high-end equipment, selected and tested by our experts, that provide pertinent and reliable solutions to the following security requirements :

  • Surveillance (drones, high-resolution cameras)
  • Detection (explosive detectors, baggage scanners, under vehicle scanners, metal detectors)
  • Personal protection (bullet-proof vests and helmets, gas masks, anti-riot gear)
  • Information and communication systems
  • Armoured vehicles

Our equipment is mostly used by the Armed Forces and Security Forces and is installed in ministries, ports, airports, railway stations, hotels, prisons, shopping complexes and also private residences.

Apart from the identification of the right product or manufacturer according to your requirements, Arsha Consulting also offers an end-to-end solution, from a follow-up on the production and quality control to the delivery and installation of your equipment. Our maintenance and service centre located in close proximity provides assistance as well as training customised to the roles and experience of the users of your equipment.

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