In today’s world, where you are constantly competing with your competitors to gauge and retain the attention and interest of your potential customers or suppliers, it is imperative to be proactive in promoting your business on all the relevant platforms, be it offline marketing or online marketing.

Trade show representation

Visiting or exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to promote your business, meet potential suppliers, distributors or clients and generate leads. If you cannot be present at a trade show in India, Arsha Consulting is happy to represent you and take part in follow-up meetings to ensure a maximum return on investment for your business.

Representing your firm at trade shows
Prospecting for potential clients or sourcing partners
Participating at follow-up meetings
Promotional Campaigns

Organisation of visits and meetings

Organising a structured and productive visit to India to explore business opportunities does not have to be a complex and time-consuming process for you. Our experienced management consultants will be happy to help you organise your trade mission and even accompany you if required. Here are a few other services that we can offer you:

Organising trade missions
Accompanying delegations
Organising B2B Meetings
Translation Services

Digital Marketing Services

In a world where digital marketing is indispensable for most businesses, and where more than 85% of searches for products or services happen on the internet, being online is a must. This means not only having a website, but having a search-optimized website, being on social media to interact with your audience, engaging with customers and partners via email, and promoting products & services on various online platforms. Arsha Consulting can help you with the following services:

Website design, development and maintenance
Email marketing
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Social media marketing (SMM)

Whether it’s accompanying you or your team members on a prospection visit, or representing your company at a trade fair, Arsha Consulting will offer you customised services that will create the most positive impact for your firm. Whether it is the textile, aerospace, hospitality or furniture sector, we can choose the right platforms for you to showcase your products or services.

Through our sister concern, Gaja Digital Agency, we will not only develop and maintain your website, but can offer you online marketing services to promote your business. Our digital marketing experts can develop effective online marketing strategies to ensure your online visibility.