From Kashmir (Srinagar) to Tamil Nadu (Chennai) and Pondicherry and from Rajasthan (Jaisalmer) to Manipur (Imphal): a new area of growth comparable to the European Union is opening up for you.

Our comprehensive services for export include:

  • Strategic planning for market penetration
  • Economic and competitive intelligence
  • Protection of trademarks and import licenses
  • Selection of agents, importers and distributors
  • Setting up a distribution network
  • Management of online and offline marketing activities
  • Help in negotiations and other support (including legal, banking, insurance etc.)
  • Monitoring and audit of operations

While rural population was 68% as per the last census in 2011, certain high-tech products have seen a stupendous rate of market penetration. Villagers, who until a few years ago had no electricity, today boast of internet access via their mobile phones. India has within a few decades acquired technologies which took the western world several centuries. This phenomenon presents very interesting business possibilities as the population is capable of adopting new products very quickly without having to necessarily go through all the stages of technology adoption that the West went through.

Tier II and Tier III cities can be viewed as good testing laboratories before entering the megapolises of India or Bangladesh – which are certainly huge but are sometimes already saturated. Lesser known than the bigger cities, these towns are perhaps more complex to grasp. Thanks to our partner network, we can connect you with the right local partners without you having to manage all the initial phases which could prove to be very time consuming and expensive.