Finding a supplier who is “not costly” is one thing. Finding the right supplier, who is reliable, financially sound and is able to precisely respond to your requirements for the product that you wish to import from the Indian subcontinent is a different ball game altogether. It requires rigorous and specific research of the field, confidence in the expert or the agent who is responsible to implement your quality control procedures, but also more often than not a good knowledge of the infrastructure and the regulatory environment.

To help you acquire complete control of the process for importing products from the Indian subcontinent, we provide the following services:

  • Supplier identification and selection (including quality control, technology and financial audit etc.)
  • Economic and competitive intelligence
  • Help in negotiations and other support (including legal, banking, insurance etc.)
  • Organizing logistics
  • Monitoring and audit of operations
  • Management of the purchasing office

The financial effort you expend for the identification of a right import partner by us is minimal when compared to the risks you are exposed to in terms of time and money, when you are doing business with a supplier who is not able to meet your expectations even though the supplier may have appeared to be the right choice on the first instance.

Even if the prices of the products manufactured in the Indian subcontinent are competitive and hence present the opportunity to realize significant margins once imported, the challenge in this part of the world lies in validating right at the beginning, all the factors that affect the import process, from identifying the producer to the shipment of the manufactured product.

Let us recall that in a culture where power equations shape all business relationships, it is very important to strike the right balance. Negotiations are always long drawn out and if you are in France or in Canada local support becomes indispensable. This will enable you to manage the relationship with the pragmatism that characterises Indians and also permits managing the innumerable back and forth between lawyers when drawing contracts with your partner.

Our teams and local partner network will guide you in selecting dependable and long term partners and shall be with you at every stage of the import process.