There are few markets in the world that are as exciting and promising as India. But the Indian landscape can be equally challenging and riddled with idiosyncrasies. India, with its 29 states and 7 territories, is an amalgamation of different languages, cultural identities as well as legislative procedures, political and administrative approaches.

Market Research

Doing extensive research on a market that you wish to enter is vital, especially in a country as complex and dynamic as India. It is important to keep up with the latest market trends and gain an edge over competition which will eventually help you to reach your target audience easily. Here are a few services that we offer:

Market Studies
Competition Analysis
Formulation of sales strategies

Import / Export

Many of India’s sectors are largely unorganised, which makes it extremely difficult to identify the right supplier or partner without making a few visits to ensure a right fit between your company and your new partner. With our wide business network throughout the country, here’s how we can help you with your Import or Export queries:

Identifying and evaluating suppliers
Establishing a distribution network
Customs formalities
Logistics support

Over the last few years, Arsha Consulting has done extensive market studies and has identified suppliers in many sectors, especially the textile and leather sectors. With India being the largest cotton producer in the world, there is no dearth of manufacturers of textiles. However, identifying reliable suppliers is important for the success of your business, and that’s where Arsha Consulting can assist you. Our current focus in this sector is on table linen, branded clothing and corporate gifts.