Our strength: three service lines tailored to meet the specific demands of the Indian subcontinent

You wish to export the latest technological innovation whose knowhow is held only by you, you wish to set up a subsidiary to capture the Indian subcontinent’s incomparable market potential, or perhaps you wish to import a product whose low production cost straightaway gives you a significant competitive advantage: we shall be able to offer you, based on economic and competitive intelligence, services that meet your requirements and which factor local risks and challenges.

India with its 29 states and 7 territories, is an amalgamation of different languages, cultural identities as well as legislative procedures, political and administrative approaches. There are so many different aspects to grasp, understand and get around in doing business well here.

After having lived several years in India, we are in a position to help you through your growth plans. We can help you change your perception of the Indian sub-continent – from perhaps an exotic or diffident view to a pragmatic attitude that will help you seize the business opportunities here.

From theory to practice

India cannot be explained but has to be experienced – is what one hears often. The same can be said of doing business in India. There is no substitute for the experience of a team that has lived here for several years and is there to help you avoid the traps into which many a company has fallen, including some very global ones.

Today more than 700 French companies and subsidiaries are established in India, representing a total investment of more than 17 billion Euros. This investment covers all the sectors for which France’s know-how is globally recognized. Canada not wishing to be outdone, wishes to triple its business with India to reach 15 billion dollars by 2015.

Even though there is huge market potential, it remains important to measure over time and in financial terms, your ability to invest in the emerging countries of the Indian subcontinent with all the risks that such economies engender.

But the possibilities are limitless in this part of the world and the best testimony to that is probably the increasing number of French entrepreneurs who have invested their own capital to develop a business in the country. There are more than 150 of them currently and form a strong and dynamic network with a keen understanding of their respective areas of business.