Extreme patience and deep understanding of your market: these are the essential qualities when thinking about setting up your business in India or its neighboring countries. Even if these postulates seem obvious, they are much more valid in this part of the world where the informal sector still constitutes 60% and the concept of “win-win” is not always easy to enforce.

Our local teams and experts based in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai can advise you on the most appropriate way to implement your strategy depending on your line of business, the amount of localization you have opted for, your target segment and the business model you wish to deploy.

Our services in setting up operations include all the strategic phases that contribute to the success of your project :

  • Risk evaluation and project planning
  • Reliable partner selection: legal, banking, real estate, insurance etc.
  • Trademark protection, certifications and licenses
  • Staff relocation and training
  • Support in the purchase, development or transfer of activities (manufacturing and services)
  • Monitoring and audit of operations

In a country where each state (there are 29!) is governed by its own legislation and other modes of functioning, the success of your business will depend on your ability to adapt your project to the basic principles of a federal system where culture, multiple traditions and local work culture must be taken into consideration right from the beginning, not to mention the concept of time which is very often underestimated.