Operating in India since 2007, we have developed a network of relationships in the Indian business community that positions us well to be approached for addressing problems related to export of products or services to Francophone countries or even for making investments in these countries (e.g. purchase of a business, factory). These are complex affairs for those who have not mastered the mysteries of the French or Belgian administration systems or say the business practices of North America.

We at Arsha Consulting support Indian companies by very specifically addressing their needs for business expansion in Francophone markets (France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, Luxembourg) and our services include:

  • Competitive and economic intelligence
  • Identification of opportunities for purchase (factory, services)
  • Selection of partners or distributors
  • Establishing a distribution network
  • Management of offline and online marketing activities
  • Help in negotiations and support (including legal, banking, insurance etc)
  • Follow-up and audit of operations

For those in India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, France and other Francophone countries represent many regions whose economic vitality is based on centuries old industrial heritage, be it the textile sector, plastics, agri-food or even more recent technologies like biotechnology. This heritage is often a product of several generations of industrial families who have built their businesses on models similar to those established by the big Indian business families.

From a cultural perspective and value systems, Indians may find many points of commonality with their Francophone partners or clients whereas the language of the countries they wish to export to, may well pose to be the first barrier.

As natives or neighbours, our understanding of all the Francophone countries is excellent- making it an obvious value-add in helping our clients overcome the hurdles of entering these new markets.